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Social Connection

Meaningful connections and social engagement have direct impact on our wellbeing and longevity. Learn what opportunities are available to learn something new, meet like-minded people, or rediscover an interest.

Volunteer Rolf with residents from Highercombe visiting The Dutch Pantry

Committed to volunteering

Exploring the volunteer paths of Rad, Lynette and Rolf Let’s discuss the benefits of volunteering and the opportunities it provides for people to connect and socialise. Whether you’re 22 or 77 years old, there’s a wealth of knowledge, skills, and life experiences you can share to support and uplift others.

Social inclusion week

Social Inclusion Connect, collaborate & celebrate for social inclusion Social Inclusion Week (18 – 26 November 2023) aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society. What is social inclusion? Social inclusion is defined as the process of improving the terms
Older lady enjoying catching up with friends over a coffee and a game of cards

Building neighbourly connections

Sometimes as people age, they may find it harder to stay in touch with friends and it can be easy to feel isolated and lonely. Being part of an inclusive, welcoming community removes many of the barriers to building and maintaining lasting friendships and a genuine sense of belonging. Living
Older man, looking concerned, sitting in his home office, with a laptop and calculator, holding a pen. There's a paperwork on a table.

What are the risks of being scammed?

Are you scam aware? Society’s growing reliance on technology is providing scammers with new opportunities to target Australians. First, it was mail scams then telephone scams. Nowadays the rise of digitalisation has provided scammers with an array of additional channels to execute their tactics. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Tech support person and older lady setting up an ipad

It’s time to Get Online

It’s time to Get Online! Get Online Week aims to close the digital divide. Campaign lead, Good Things Foundation Australia believes everyone deserves the opportunity to safely participate in our digital world. Research shows 1 in 4 Australians are digitally excluded which includes not having affordable access to the internet
A table with colourful pottery pieces, including a vase, plates and bowls

Lesley reignites her passion for art

Lesley Collett has always appreciated and enjoyed creating art and since her diagnosis with Multiple Scleroris (MS), has been able to reconnect with her passion through her participation in ACH Group ceramics group. It’s Tuesday just before 1pm and the ACH Group ceramics class. There’s  general chatter about what everyone’s

3 social steps to beat loneliness

More and more older people – up to one third – are now living with loneliness. And, according to Australian Loneliness Report, people with higher levels of loneliness report more health issues including colds and infections, headaches, sleeping difficulties and stomach complaints. Others suggest that loneliness can have the same

Singing for health and happiness

Madeline and Gillian joined a choir for medical reasons but they agree that singing has given them much more than good health. They are members of ACH Group’s Sing for Joy choirs and performed some of their favourite music at the Everybody Sing! Concert at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Madeline

A shed for men who love bikes

A new men’s shed at ACH Group’s Perry Park residential care home is breaking the mould of the traditional carpentry workshop by offering something for the mechanically-minded. The Perry Park Bike Shed brings together residents who share a love of motorbikes. The group, aged in their 60s to 90s, is

Have you seen our flash mob?

Sing for Joy Choir flash mob The atmosphere was electric when ACH Group’s Sing for Joy Choir took over the terminal at the Adelaide Airport for a ‘Flash Mob’ event to shine a light on the wisdom that older people possess and break down stereotypes around ageing. Renowned South Australian