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The art of flower arranging

In Issue 12 of Good Lives Magazine, we featured an article about the different ways of cultivating creativity, encouraging readers to share their tips for bringing more creativity into their lives.

Upon receiving a submission from Helena Stretton, we connected with her to follow up on her blossoming interest in arranging flowers.

Helena receives regular help at home services from ACH Group and says the support helps her to focus on connecting with her friends and being creative.

Below are some of the thoughts and arrangements she shared.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of creativity and the power of the mindful act of flower arranging.

Helena shares…

I have enjoyed preparing these entries.

Thank you for the opportunities to reflect on the topics, search through photographs, and rediscover what I have done to contribute in these areas so far.

Below are some of the ways in which I have sought to enhance the beauty of flowers by their arrangement.

Helena’s creative flower arrangements

A vase of one main colour of flowers.

A mixed group of different varieties.

Red, white, and blue laid at Queen’s statue in Adelaide.

A tiny posy showing a doily collar.

New varieties of retro zinnias.

A fancy basket shows off magnificent cactus flowers.

When going for a drive, surprise your friends by arranging some flowers in a cup and placing it in the car’s drink holder.

The distinctive shape and colour of the flame lily, Zimbabwe’s national flower. A simple yet effective arrangement.

Experiment with displaying flowers with a card or of the same colours to enhance both. Coordinate with a matching vase.

A flat vase or long cake plate can be used for window sill arrangement.

On the bathroom sink vanity, the towels were mauve and green, providing visitors with an unexpected delight.

The flower pods of the swan bush always delight. They can be easily grown from seeds.

Helena Stretton with trumpet flower bush flowers
In the photo, Helena is seen picking up trumpet bush flowers to honour her friend.

Trumpet bush flowers

My trumpet bush has suddenly again burst into flower, but more quickly than I anticipated. And I’m not sure its flowering period will be very long.

Yesterday, I had the sad news of a friend passing away. I wondered what flowers I could take to her closest family members. Then the pink angel trumpet flowers made me think of trumpets heralding something important, like this woman of faith concluding her beautiful life. So although I had never used these flowers like this before, I picked a large posy of twenty-five or so flowers and took them to her closest relatives. They were delighted.

Before I wrapped them with paper and ribbon and left home with them, a neighbour kindly captured this moment.

Flame lily arrangement by Helena Stretton

Flame lily – the national flower of Zimbabwe

I was given the bulb by a friend when I admired the flower in her garden. She had been given a bulb years before and it had multiplied.

Here is what I researched about the significance of flame lily and its connection to the Royal family.

The Queen’s Flame Lily Brooch depicts flame lily, which is of the national flower of Zimbabwe, gloriosa superba. This diamond, platinum and white gold brooch, featuring 301 diamonds, was a 21st birthday gift presented to Princess Elizabeth from all 42,000 schoolchildren of southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Each was asked to donate a tickey (old 3 pencecoin) from their pocket money. The Princess was with her parents on their Royal Tour of South Africa when she turned 21 in 1947.

Returning home from Kenya after her father’s death in 1952, this brooch was the sole striking ornamentation on the young Queen’s black outfit as she descended the steps of her plane in London – the first glimpse the public had of their new queen. She continued to wear it, eg capturing its sparkle for her 2011 Christmas message.

Tips for creating your own flower arrangements

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips:

  1. Find inspiration everywhere: Whether it’s at your local flower shop, in your garden, or at a botanical garden, the beauty of flowers and plants surrounds you. Explore further by visiting a bookshop, local library, or gallery—discover the magic of flower arrangement right at your fingertips in books and artworks.
  2. Explore variety and seasonality: Experiment with different types of flowers, colors, and textures to create diverse arrangements. Select flowers that are in season for optimal freshness and availability.
  3. Mix and match: Combine flowers of varying heights, shapes, and sizes to add depth and visual interest to your arrangements.
  4. Play with colours: Experiment with different color palettes to evoke different moods and themes in your arrangements.
  5. Balance elements: Achieve balance in your arrangements by distributing flowers evenly and considering the overall symmetry.
  6. Think about placement: Consider the space where your arrangement will be placed and tailor its size and style accordingly.
  7. Add greenery: Incorporate foliage and greenery to complement the flowers and add texture to your arrangements.
  8. Keep it fresh: Change the water and trim the stems regularly to prolong the life of your flowers and keep your arrangement looking fresh.
  9. Express yourself: Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to try unconventional approaches or incorporate unique elements into your arrangements.
  10. Enjoy the act of mindfulness: Take the time to admire the intricate beauty of each flower and appreciate the artistry behind every arrangement.

Extra tip: Capture your creations and share them! There are over five millions of Instagram photos tagged with the hashtag #FlowerArrangement.

Being yourself never gets old

Thank you, Helena, for sharing your creative talents and knowledge with us. Let’s celebrate the life experiences and interests of older people because ‘being yourself never gets old’!

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