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Healthy Ageing Approach

We believe that older people should continue to live full and active lives in our Residential Living Homes.

ACH Group’s Healthy Ageing approach will help you remain physically, mentally and socially active.

Research around the world has shown that people who are active and socially connected are happier and have a better sense of wellbeing and overall health, regardless of age or health status.

All our residential living homes embrace ACH Group’s ‘Healthy Ageing’ approach to make it as easy as possible to choose to be active, remain connected and engage in what you love to do every day.

Dedicated Healthy Ageing staff will work with you to identify a personalised and structured Wellbeing Plan. Early intervention gives maximum opportunity to regain optimal health should you experience a step backwards.

Good health and wellness is an easy choice with ACH Group homes with;

  • On-site gyms and personal trainers in most homes, walking groups and exercise classes
  • Social occasions and outings, arts and cultural activities, men’s groups and strong community links
  • Education about a range of chronic health conditions to promote better awareness and staff who focus on supporting you to be as independent as possible
  • Families and friends remaining integral to everyday life with plenty of opportunities for all generations to come together over coffee, BBQs or to join in all sorts of activities in the social calendar.

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