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Our Culture

We appreciate that a good work culture not only benefits us but also benefits our customers, their families, our volunteers and the broader community.

Our staff love what they do, aren’t afraid to take action, constantly put their hands up for challenges and celebrate the uniqueness of our community. A strong sense of community ensures that the best in our staff brings out the best in us, so that we can deliver on our vision of our Good Lives for Older People.

Our culture also comprises the following elements:

  • A passion for what we do
  • A focus on health and well-being
  • Shared responsibility and teamwork
  • Optimism and self-reliance
  • Bringing our strengths to work.

ACH Group’s strong culture enables the organisation to deliver on our vision of Good Lives for Older People by guiding and uniting us, challenging us to do our best and to hold each other to the highest standards.


We are characterised by four elements and supporting behaviours:


ACH Group’s Culture Element unite and guide us in all that we do to deliver on our vision of supporting Good Lives for Older People, ensuring the best in you brings out the best in us.

In addition to our Health and Community service roles we also offer careers in:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement
  • Catering
  • People & Culture
  • Marketing
  • Allied Health and Fitness