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Healthy Ageing

At ACH Group, we believe your best self, starts with your best health. Good health is one of the foundations of living a good life as you age. Research around the world has shown that people who are active and socially connected are happier and have a better sense of wellbeing and overall health, regardless of age or health status.

That’s why we focus on healthy ageing to assist you to remain physically, mentally and socially active and live a full and active life.

Two people having a chat, looking relaxed

Ageism: what is it?

Ageism: what is it? What is it like to grow older today? Age is one of the first things we notice about other people. It also shouldn’t be a reason why our older years can’t be some of the best of our lives. The definition of ageism Ageism can be
Older couple looking at a mobile phone, downloading apps to exercise the brain

Apps to exercise your brain

Exercising the brain can be an important, enjoyable part of everyday life. Numerous studies have suggested that engaging in mentally stimulating activities regularly can result in a reduced risk of cognitive decline and developing dementia. Activities that involve exercise for the brain include: reading and listening to podcasts taking a
Marie and Sharon in the Health Studio 50+ Glenelg

A lifelong journey of health and friendship

A Lifelong Journey of Health and Friendship: An Interview with Marie and Sharon In a heartwarming interview, we sit down with Marie, a vibrant eighty-year-old, and her daughter Sharon, who is sixty, to discuss their unique bond and dedication to health and wellbeing. Through their inspiring journey, they’ve discovered the


Finding the right support to live well as you age, or recover from a health incident can be challenging to navigate and at times, overwhelming.

Here, you will find educational articles and resources about retirement living, home care packages, residential care homes, living well with dementia and social experiences.

Things to consider when moving to nursing home

Residential care: 5 things to consider

Have you heard the term ‘residential care’, but don’t know what it all means? Are you concerned about your safety and security living at home or that of a loved one, but don’t know what options are available? This article is for you. What is residential care? Residential care refers
Celebrating International Women's Day at ACH Group

Celebrating women of ACH Group

Celebrating a workplace where women thrive and establish career pathways On March 8 each year the achievements of women are honoured across the world. At ACH Group we employ almost 2,000 people across SA, of which 76% are female. We celebrate having a workplace where women thrive and are given
Older lady enjoying catching up with friends over a coffee and a game of cards

Building neighbourly connections

Sometimes as people age, they may find it harder to stay in touch with friends and it can be easy to feel isolated and lonely. Being part of an inclusive, welcoming community removes many of the barriers to building and maintaining lasting friendships and a genuine sense of belonging. Living


Life is nothing but a beautiful journey of discovery, self-care and fulfilment. Grow older, age well and embrace the journey as you go. Discover customers’ stories and community activities to see how people are embracing life.

Senior couple taking a selfie, mastering smart phone photography

A smart way to capture the moment

Smartphone photography tips Smartphones have transformed our lives in many ways; they have even revolutionised photography enabling us to quickly capture life’s precious moments. These days, there’s not much a digital camera can do that a smartphone can’t. But how do we make the most of this incredible tool and
winter wonderland, with paper snowflakes on table

Embracing the winter wonderland

This winter, go beyond the tradition of celebrating Christmas in July In Australia, it has become a tradition to embrace the holiday spirit during the winter season by recreating the festive ambience of a traditional Northern Hemisphere winter. How can you enjoy winter, and what can you do when the
Ron's life on the radar

Ron’s life on the radar

From the seas to space, Ron’s career as a radar operator certainly had no boundaries. Whilst visiting the Royal Show as a teenager, following the end of World War II, Ron was captivated by the Australian Army’s display of ground-breaking tracking technology known as field radar equipment. Within two years,