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Teresa talking to her dad Bob

Dementia doesn’t have to define you

How to navigate life with dementia As a Dementia Service Design Manager at ACH Group, Teresa Moran played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of a variety of programs, services, and care strategies to support residents and customers living with dementia.
ACH Group customers Bill, Peg and Charlie

Centenarians have their say

Special Good Lives moment with three centenarians from ACH Group community In a world that seems to be constantly evolving, where the pace of life quickens, and technology reshapes the way we live, there exists a remarkable group of people who have weathered
Jean and Rose, life-long friends and neighbours at ACH Group Healthia Residential Care Home.

A lifetime of friendship

Every day is filled with joy and laughter Jean Baldwin and Rose Johnson migrated from the United Kingdom more than 50 years ago to start their Australian dream in Elizabeth, South Australia. The pair have been close friends for over four decades after
Ron's life on the radar

Ron’s life on the radar

From the seas to space, Ron’s career as a radar operator certainly had no boundaries. Whilst visiting the Royal Show as a teenager, following the end of World War II, Ron was captivated by the Australian Army’s display of ground-breaking tracking technology known
Tony Kastanos is artist and musician, living in Adelaide

Creating a sense of home and rejoicing in reconnection

For Tony Kastanos, there have been many life changing moments in the recent years, but he never expected to find his true homeland in the heart of Adelaide’s city when he moved from Sydney after a career in business, as a musician and
Peter at his Fleurieu farm

A full life on the Fleurieu

Peter Whitford epitomises the saying that ‘busy people stay busy’. In his 87 years, he’s not stood still for long. Peter wakes at 6am every morning, reads the paper and then tends to his Normanville Heights garden, “to keep it tidy”. He then
A table with colourful pottery pieces, including a vase, plates and bowls

Lesley reignites her passion for art

Lesley Collett has always appreciated and enjoyed creating art and since her diagnosis with Multiple Scleroris (MS), has been able to reconnect with her passion through her participation in ACH Group ceramics group. It’s Tuesday just before 1pm and the ACH Group ceramics
June Goodhand shows her trophies won in lawn bowls.

The lawn bowl trailblazer

When reading the life stories of top sportspeople, they have often overcome great adversity to make it to the top of their sport. For June Goodhand, who represented Australia and had great success on the world stage in lawn bowls, the adversity she
Rudi is kicking his own goals

Rudi’s kicking his own goals

Rudi Baumer said his greatest loves are, “my wife Nikki, our children and grandchildren, and Arsenal.” Nikki teased, “that’s the first time Arsenal hasn’t come first.” The couple married in 2004, and six months later Rudi was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The first
Art keeps Stephen's brain muscles active

Art keeps Stephen’s brain muscles active

When you see Stephen’s artwork for the first time, you would think he had been an accomplished artist his entire life. Reality is, he joined ACH Group’ Art Hub at Aberfoyle Park only in August. Stephen Hill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease a