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Finding the right support to live well as you age, or recover from a health incident can be challenging to navigate and at times, overwhelming. Here, you will find educational articles and resources about retirement living, home care packages, residential care homes, living well with dementia and social experiences.

Jake share his tips about Home Care Packages

Meet Jake

Jake unpacks his career journey with ACH Group and shares advice about Home Care Packages Introducing Jake, one of ACH Group’s Home Care & Health Welcome Team Consultants. Jake shares insights into his role and reflects on his journey with ACH Group. We included some fun questions to reveal his

Reconnecting with the joy of singing

Dorothy’s joy of singing continues Following a career in banking, government, airlines and the courts, in retirement Dorothy’s life adventures brought her back to her passion: music. Dorothy grew up in Port Lincoln, and as a self-proclaimed tomboy she enjoyed childhood freedom but always wondered what else was out there

3 signs your loved ones may need help at home

Signs your loved ones may need help at home It is normal to feel concerned about your loved ones as they age. Have you noticed that their home isn’t as tidy as it used to be? Are they struggling with everyday tasks? Perhaps you’ve observed subtle changes in their memory,
Cultivating creativity

Cultivating creativity

How can you cultivate creativity? Research suggests that creativity can increase positive emotions, boost cognition, and even support our immune system. The great news is that creativity can be practiced and expressed in a variety of different ways. Get your creative juices flowing with these ideas and start reaping the
Things to consider when moving to nursing home

Residential care: 5 things to consider

Have you heard the term ‘residential care’, but don’t know what it all means? Are you concerned about your safety and security living at home or that of a loved one, but don’t know what options are available? This article is for you. What is residential care? Residential care refers

5 things to look for when choosing a home care package provider

What to look for when choosing a home care package provider? When it comes to Home Care Packages (HCP), choosing a reliable care provider is the most important step in getting the right support and a customised care plan that suits your needs. While there are many providers, each one

Home care packages: 7 things you should know

Home Care Packages All you need to know Finding the right support to continue living life the way you want can sometimes be challenging. The government provides Home Care Packages with customised services and care to assist you to meet your needs and live at home safely and independently. When
Volunteer Rolf with residents from Highercombe visiting The Dutch Pantry

Committed to volunteering

Exploring the volunteer paths of Rad, Lynette and Rolf Let’s discuss the benefits of volunteering and the opportunities it provides for people to connect and socialise. Whether you’re 20 or 70 years old, there’s a wealth of knowledge, skills, and life experiences you can share to support and uplift others.

Social inclusion week

Social Inclusion Connect, collaborate & celebrate for social inclusion Social Inclusion Week (18 – 26 November 2023) aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society. What is social inclusion? Social inclusion is defined as the process of improving the terms
Kapara team photo from the sports festival, playing darts

Play, compete and thrive: ACH Group Sports Festival 2023

ACH Group Sports Festival 2023 Drawing inspiration from the sportsmanship and passion for sports at the Masters Games, ACH Group’s residential social team collaborated with the residential health services team to create a month-long sports festival. The residents competed in basketball, bocce, marathon, darts, shotput, and quoits. The ACH Group