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Home Care Packages

Find everything you need to know about Home Care Packages and get the support you remain living independently and safely at home.


3 signs your loved ones may need help at home

It is normal to feel concerned about your loved ones as they age. Have you noticed their house isn’t as clean as it used to be? Have you noticed they have difficulties doing some everyday tasks? You may even notice subtle changes in

5 things to look for when choosing a home care package provider

When it comes to Home Care Packages (HCP), choosing a reliable care provider is the most important step in getting the right support and a customised care plan that suits your needs. While there are many providers, each one is different. It is

Home care packages: costs and fees explained

When it comes to Home Care Packages, it can be confusing understanding what is funded by the government and how much you may need to pay out of pocket. If you’re new to Home Care Packages and looking to learn more about the

Home care packages: 7 things you should know

Most of us prefer to stay living independently at home as we age. Finding the right support to continue living life the way you want can sometimes be challenging. The government provides Home Care Packages with customised services and care to assist you
Jack from ACH health studio

Meet Jack!

  Exercise Physiologist Jack Carter answers a few questions about his role at ACH Group. Q: What is an Exercise Physiologist (EP)? A: Exercise Physiologists have a broad knowledge of health conditions and how those affect the body during times of exercise. We