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What is a Good Life?

Good health is the foundation of a good life.

At ACH Group we’re moving from being a traditional provider of aged care services to a promoter of Good Lives so it’s important for us to understand what makes a “Good Life”. We teamed with researchers from the University of South Australia as well as ACH Group customers, volunteers, staff  and the broader community to find out what older people value most – what contributes to them living a “Good Life”.

What makes a Good Life?

While we recognise that the essence of a Good Life can’t be defined, we worked with these groups and distilled their feedback into six elements that direct how we shape our offerings to make sure we’re supporting opportunities for people to live their lives the way they want to, where they want to live them.

Six Elements of a “Good Life”


No life has been lived before and it won’t be lived again. This uniqueness is honoured, including my life experiences, strengths, culture and spirituality.

Being in Control

I am in control of my life and I make my own decisions.


I have a sense of future and hope, of anticipation about tomorrow and of the things to do and goals to work towards.


It involves me having a variety of relationships with other people and every day roles and rhythms, routines, experiences and emotions that are part of everyday life.


To give, take and to enjoy the fullness of life with interests and passions like sport, art, music and faith.


I am as healthy as I can be.