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Payment Options for Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes

Looking at Payment Options?

The Australian Government pays for the majority of aged care services however there is an expectation that you will contribute to the cost of your care if you have the ability to do so.

How much you are asked to contribute depends on your financial situation, however the system is designed to ensure that everyone can access the care they need regardless of their circumstances.

Costs include:

  • A basic daily fee which covers day to day living costs such as meals, power and laundry costs
  • A means-tested care fee which is an additional contribution towards the cost of care that some people may be required to pay. The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) will advise if you are required to pay this fee based on an income and asset assessment.
  • An accommodation payment which is for your accommodation (room) in the home. The Australian Government will meet some or all of these costs, depending on the price agreed between you and ACH Group. Centrelink will advise based on the income and asset assessment.
  • Extra/optional service fees may be payable if you choose a higher standard of accommodation or additional services – these vary from home to home. Ask our Residential Admissions Team for more information about what extra services are available.

You can choose to pay your accommodation costs by:

  • a lump-sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or
  • a periodic Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP),
  • or a combination of both.

The type of payment method which is most suitable for you will depend on your personal and financial circumstances and you may wish to consult a financial adviser before you make a decision. You have 28 days from the date of moving in to decide how you would like to pay.

More information

Read the answers to most commonly asked questions about Residential Care, learn more about ACH Group’s Healthy Ageing Approach and explore individual Residential Care Homes in your area.

Any other questions?

Please contact our Residential Admissions Team on (08) 8159 353

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