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Brain Health

Evidence shows that people who stay active, connected and keep learning new things are less likely to develop dementia. And for people living with the early stages of dementia, brain health activities may help slow down the progression. Here, we provide tips for keeping your brain as healthy as possible.

Older couple looking at a mobile phone, downloading apps to exercise the brain

Apps to exercise your brain

Exercising the brain can be an important, enjoyable part of everyday life. Numerous studies have suggested that engaging in mentally stimulating activities regularly can result in a reduced risk of cognitive decline and developing dementia. Activities that involve exercise for the brain include: Reading Listening to podcasts Taking a short
tips to keep your brain healthy and reduce the risk of dementia

5 tips for brain health

As we age, our brain changes and mental function changes along with it as we get older. Although it is one of the most common consequence of ageing, there are ways you can help to maintain your brain health and keep it healthy. There is growing evidence that people can

Dementia diet for risk reduction

There is growing evidence that changes in diet can help with dementia risk prevention. Here's what you can eat to reduce the risk of dementia.