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Life is nothing but a beautiful journey of discovery, self-care and fulfilment. Grow older, age well and embrace the journey as you go. Discover customers’ stories and community activities to see how people are embracing life.


Downsizing: 5 simple tips to get started

Have you ever looked around the house and felt a bit overwhelmed by the clutter surrounding you? Do you dream of living a minimalistic lifestyle? Is excessive clutter around the house causing you stress and affecting how you live life? Downsizing isn’t a new topic for many of us, especially
Spring soil and seedling

Top 5 gardening jobs for spring

Spring is finally here! Top five gardening jobs for spring Spring is finally here and it’s a time of year that inspires everyone to garden. Even non-gardeners and ‘black thumbs’ are ready to get out and grow. Here are the top five jobs we all need to do in our

Designing a courtyard garden

How to design a courtyard garden Planning when designing or renovating a courtyard garden will result in an outdoor space which you love spending time in yet is practical to look after. The best way to approach designing a courtyard garden is to think of your garden as an extension

Growing brilliant bulbs in pots

Growing bulbs in pots is easy, fun and rewarding. Pots of bulbs are perfect for small gardens, garden spaces that are already full, or to dress up your doorways and entrances. The key to success is to choose suitable varieties, which are sturdy and not too tall, and plant them
Tony Kastanos is artist and musician, living in Adelaide

Creating a sense of home and rejoicing in reconnection

For Tony Kastanos, there have been many life changing moments in the recent years, but he never expected to find his true homeland in the heart of Adelaide’s city when he moved from Sydney after a career in business, as a musician and film maker. Tony was in Paris, on
Peter at his Fleurieu farm

A full life on the Fleurieu

Peter Whitford epitomises the saying that ‘busy people stay busy’. In his 87 years, he’s not stood still for long. Peter wakes at 6am every morning, reads the paper and then tends to his Normanville Heights garden, “to keep it tidy”. He then heads to the Myponga farm to check
A table with colourful pottery pieces, including a vase, plates and bowls

Lesley reignites her passion for art

Lesley Collett has always appreciated and enjoyed creating art and since her diagnosis with Multiple Scleroris (MS), has been able to reconnect with her passion through her participation in ACH Group ceramics group. It’s Tuesday just before 1pm and the ACH Group ceramics class. There’s  general chatter about what everyone’s
Customer and nurse in a conversation

Celebrating the nurses at ACH Group

Across ACH Group, more than 300 nurses support older people to age well. Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to two ACH Group staff members. Firstly, Phoebe – who is a Registered Nurse working in the community, supporting customers in their own home. Secondly, Ish – who began his career
Veri Peri colour of the year

Let’s take a look at the two colour trends

With each new year comes new colour and style trends. For 2022, the world’s stylists have predicted two palettes that are contrasting, yet similarly inspired by our changed outlook resulting from the pandemic. Let’s take a look at the two key colour trends for 2022.
June Goodhand shows her trophies won in lawn bowls.

The lawn bowl trailblazer

When reading the life stories of top sportspeople, they have often overcome great adversity to make it to the top of their sport. For June Goodhand, who represented Australia and had great success on the world stage in lawn bowls, the adversity she overcame was playing the game she loved
Rudi is kicking his own goals

Rudi’s kicking his own goals

Rudi Baumer said his greatest loves are, “my wife Nikki, our children and grandchildren, and Arsenal.” Nikki teased, “that’s the first time Arsenal hasn’t come first.” The couple married in 2004, and six months later Rudi was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The first symptoms were a few twitches, but as