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Living With Dementia

While dementia can have a profound effect on a person’s daily life and that of those around them, it is possible to live well with dementia. Find helpful tips to help reduce the risks of dementia and information about dementia care.


3 tips for caring for someone with dementia

Dementia can change a person’s life in all aspects including relationships with friends, families and loved ones. Everyone can experience dementia differently. There can be changes in memory, behaviour feelings and personality. For family members and caregivers, it can be a challenging and
ach golf event to raise money for younger onset dementia

Teeing off on younger onset dementia

A new golf group at West Beach is part of an innovative project that aims to transform the way services for people with younger onset dementia are delivered in South Australia. The weekly golf group kicked off in November with help from an

Dementia: you are not alone

September is Dementia Awareness Month and Lenore says the theme - ‘you are not alone’