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John tees off living well with dementia

 John has been social his entire life and this often involved playing a round of golf with clients and business associates when he worked in the travel industry.

“When I worked in travel being social was important and I have always enjoyed a day of golfing with clients and friends,” John said.

“I was never a good player then and I am still not a good player now, but one of the reasons I love golf is that you can still have a great time even when you don’t play well.”

About four years ago John was diagnosed with young-onset dementia and his life changed. What didn’t change was the fact that John still enjoys being social and active. It was then when Dementia Australia suggested he continue his hobby by joining ACH Group’s social experiences.

John playing NDIS golf

“I like that we come together as a group and simply care for each other. We come from all walks of life and have our challenges, but when we are at the golf course, we feel happy and safe,” John said.

He added that since joining, he has experienced physical and mental benefits from the activity.

“It is great to be out on the golf course; it keeps your body active, and it is a great exercise for the body and the mind. Having to concentrate to hit the ball has been good for me as well.”

“The coaching sessions are really good, but I must admit my skills have not improved much. I think I am always too busy being social and having a good time,” John said.

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