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Francesco making pizza at Milpara

Pizza Day at Milpara

Crafting perfect pizza dough, one knead at a time Did someone say pizza? In fact, it was World Pizza Day on Thursday 9 February. What better way to celebrate than with an authentic Italian pizza? The star of the pizza day at Milpara Residential Care Home was Francesco. Francesco, a […]

Celebrating International Women's Day at ACH Group

Celebrating women of ACH Group

Celebrating a workplace where women thrive and establish career pathways On March 8 each year the achievements of women are honoured across the world. At ACH Group we employ almost 2,000 people across SA, of which 76% are female. We celebrate having a workplace where women thrive and are given […]

Older lady enjoying catching up with friends over a coffee and a game of cards

Building neighbourly connections

Sometimes as people age, they may find it harder to stay in touch with friends and it can be easy to feel isolated and lonely. Being part of an inclusive, welcoming community removes many of the barriers to building and maintaining lasting friendships and a genuine sense of belonging. Living […]

Barry Hill having a chat about his life in theatre in Adelaide

Barry Hill honoured with Order of Australia Medal

Barry Hill’s lifelong dedication to performing arts honoured with Order of Australia Medal Adelaide is home to professional and amateur theatre companies and venues, and is known for its vibrant theatre scene. If you are immersed in the craft of theatre, either as a theatregoer enthusiast or a professional, the […]

Older couple budgeting and thinking about how to spend less and live more

Stretch your dollar further

Live more, spend less in 2023 Tips on how to stretch your dollar to go further From fruit and vegetables to fuel and energy bills, and everything in between, the cost of living has increased in the past year. Here’s a list of smart tips to help you manage your […]

Mark Le Messurier is the Senior South Australian of the Year 2022

Meet Mark Le Messurier

Mark Le Messurier, the 2022 Senior South Australian of the Year A wild, rewarding ride supporting the younger generations Mark Le Messurier, the 2022 Senior South Australian of the Year, has dedicated his working life to supporting young people he affectionately calls the ‘tough kids’: children who for all kinds […]


3 signs your loved ones may need help at home

It is normal to feel concerned about your loved ones as they age. Have you noticed their house isn’t as clean as it used to be? Have you noticed they have difficulties doing some everyday tasks? You may even notice subtle changes in their memory. This can be a worrying. […]


Home care packages: costs and fees explained

Estimating the cost of Home Care Packages When it comes to Home Care Packages, it can be confusing understanding what is funded by the government and how much you may need to pay out of pocket. If you’re new to Home Care Packages and looking to learn more about the […]

Group of people expressing gratitude and counting blessings

5 ways to practise gratitude in 2023

Reflect on the past year, make year 2023 your best one How to practise gratitude this holiday season, reflect on the past year and plan for 2023 The holiday season is here and there are many things to look forward to. It could also be a good time to pause, reflect […]

Volunteering at ACH Group

Volunteers making a valuable contribution

Thinking of becoming a volunteer? People find volunteer work to be helpful as it enables them to connect with the community and feel a sense of purpose. At ACH Group, we welcome all enquiries about volunteering with us and take great pride in successfully matching a volunteer’s interests, skills, and […]