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At ACH Group, we are proud to have dedicated and wonderful community of volunteers and staff to support our vision of good lives for older people. See what we’re up to.

composting and how you can get started

A beginner’s guide to composting

Why composting? When we send compostable material such as kitchen scraps to landfills, it produces methane as it breaks down. One study showed the decay of a family’s food and garden waste that is not composted aerobically generates almost one tonne of greenhouse

Kindness changes everything

During these challenging times of COVID-19, thoughtful acts of kindness can go a long way. Find out what the ACH Group’s community has done to support each other and spread kindness during COVID-19. ACH Group’s 2020 SALA exhibition To compliment ACH Group’s 2020
COVID-19 vaccine and what you need to know

COVID-19 vaccine – all you need to know

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. The world that we’re living in will never be the same with all the changes happening. Vaccines have saved millions of lives around the world. Vaccines work by preparing the body’s natural defense
10 vegies for small space

10 vegies to grow in smaller spaces

The past twelve months has seen an increased interest in produce gardening. Many people who have never tried before, have started to grow some of their own vegies, herbs, and fruits and that is wonderful as nothing beats the flavour, freshness and nutrient
International volunteer day at ACH Group

International Volunteer Day – featuring ACH Group’s volunteers

At ACH Group, volunteers have always made up an important part of our community. We are proud to have a huge diversity of volunteers who help with a wide variety of activities including social outings, group activities, driving food preparation in many different
ACH Group Kapara was a centre of care during war years

Kapara – a centre of care during war years

Kapara Residential Living, a historic landmark in Glenelg South, played an important role as a centre of care during the war years. Originally a 14-room homestead built in 1895 and set on five acres of grounds, the home was used as a nursing

The show can go on…from the comfort of your home

Meet Paul Sinkinson, ACH Group’s music guru, who together technology played a wonderful role in getting the Sing for Joy choir online during the COVID-19 restrictions. Read about Paul’s early years discovering music to his most recent accomplishment as the much-loved Choir Director

In the garden with Sophie Thompson

Planning when designing or renovating a courtyard garden will result in an outdoor space which you love spending time in yet is practical to look after. The best way to approach designing a courtyard garden is to think of your garden as an

National Volunteer Week 2020: Our Volunteer Stories

At ACH Group, we are proud to have dedicated and wonderful volunteers who support our vision of good lives for older people. Although Volunteer Week this year may look a bit different due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t stop us from celebrating

Sun-Life visit spreads smiles

Perry Park resident Rae Perin was delighted to learn how to write her name in ‘kanji’, one of three Japanese alphabets, when the Sun-Life exchange group visited the Port Noarlunga home in September. The group of 14 professionals from the aged care sector