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Cultural Programs

We celebrate diversity and welcome everyone as an individual, acknowledging and respecting cultural backgrounds, religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Cambodian Program

At ACH Group we are experienced in working with Cambodian people in a way that respects their spiritual beliefs, customs and preferences. Cambodian staff understand how to meet your physical, emotional, religious and cultural needs, respecting Cambodian traditions, experience and dietary requirements.

Muslim Communities Program

ACH Group is committed to working with the Muslim Community to ensure that the services we offer are culturally appropriate.

We will listen to you and your family and offer services that recognise and respect your Muslim beliefs and practices.

What services are available?

  • Assistance to improve health and wellbeing
  • Support to develop social connections
  • Support for carers
  • Halal meal preparation
  • Information and advice to navigate ageing



ACH Group’s Ambassador Jane Reilly visited one of Adelaide’s Buddhist temples to learn more about how we support members of the Cambodian community and help spread the word on ACH Group’s commitment to cultural diversity.