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It was my great honour to be elevated to the position of ACH Group Chair during 2017/18, following the retirement of Geoff Holdich. Geoff served the organisation with distinction, and his influence cannot be overstated, particularly from a financial health perspective, and so we thank him for his service.
There is no doubt that the last twelve months have been challenging for ACH Group, as we continue to respond to significant government reforms to aged care funding,
coupled with changing consumer wants and needs. However, with challenge comes opportunity, and I am very proud of the way that ACH Group has responded. Our
dedication to supporting people to live good lives has not wavered, and we continue to develop new products and services to meet emerging needs. Most notable is our
move to support people who are living with cognitive and neurological conditions through NDIS funding.

We continue to advocate for older people, endeavouring to bust the stereotypes associated with ageing. One of the ways we do this is through our newly launched Good Lives Magazine for people aged 50+, which showcases stories from our community and demonstrates that our perceptions of ageing and what it means to be “old” are rarely accurate.

Our continued investment in learning opportunities for our workforce is paying dividends in terms of performance and retention, as has our focus on an inclusive environment for staff and customers, where individual needs and cultural traditions are honoured. As the cultural landscape of Australia continues to shift we must continue to respond; supporting opportunities and a good life for all.

Mary Patetsos