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At ACH Group, we partner with reputable universities and research organisations to continually learn about best practice care and support. Read the latest research here.


Downsizing: 5 simple tips to get started

Have you ever looked around the house and felt a bit overwhelmed by the clutter surrounding you? Do you dream of living a minimalistic lifestyle? Is excessive clutter around the house causing you stress and affecting how you live life? Downsizing isn’t a new topic for many of us, especially

Pre-frailty in the 40-age group

Growing older is a given, but becoming frail should not be. Staying healthy and feeling our best as we age is important. While most people assume that becoming frail is something that happens later in life new research has shown that it starts as early as 40. What does frailty

Music: the best medicine?

Just about everyone enjoys music, from those who devote their lives to learning theory and mastering performance to the rest of us who can’t help but tap our feet to an infectious rhythm. In his 1973 track ‘Trenchtown Rock’, Bob Marley sings: “One good thing about music – when it
4 people in front of Flinders university sign

Walking the talk on healthy ageing

Restoration, not hospitalisation, is the future of healthy active ageing and wellness, says Flinders University’s new Chair of Restorative Care, Professor Susan Gordon. Speaking at the joint Ach Group and Flinders University Seminar Series launch on Rehabilitation and Restoration, Professor Gordon said South Australia was ‘walking the talk’ with the