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Social inclusion week

Two older people engaging in a happy conversation, drinking tea at retirement living unit

Social Inclusion

Connect, collaborate & celebrate for social inclusion

Social Inclusion Week (19 – 27 November 2022) aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society.

Social inclusion is defined as the process of improving the terms of participation in society, particularly for people who are disadvantaged, through enhancing opportunities, access to resources, voice and respect for rights.

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index (2022-21 Report) indicated that people engage with social inclusion in a variety of ways and although prejudicial attitudes against some groups of people are lower on average, they are still present and problematic.

Being socially inclusive encompasses encouraging communities to reconnect across cultures, age groups, nationalities and abilities.

Social inclusion across ACH Group communities

At ACH Group, we value connected communities and social connections. It is more important now than ever to encourage customers, staff and the community to connect with one another.

Discover & Explore Experiences

ACH Group offers social experiences for people to connect with friends or meet new ones while explore an exciting destination or experience in South Australia.

Our offering includes day tours, getaways, and experiences in categories across art and culture, sport and recreation, entertainment and technology. Tailored experiences are also available for the Cambodian community, and carers. See all Discover & Explore Experiences.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to stay in touch with your community and contribute your knowledge, skills, and life experience to support others and make a difference to someone’s life. Learn more about volunteering at ACH Group.

Healthy ageing approach

We believe that older people should continue to live full and active lives.

Social inclusion in every ACH Group residential care home is encouraged through a wide range of activities and programs including social events and outings, arts and cultural activities, men’s groups and strong community links. Learn more about healthy ageing approach.

Retirement living communities

With over 700 retirement living units and 800 residents, the opportunities for social inclusion in ACH Group retirement living community are ever present, with regular coffee catch ups, information sessions and activities at community hubs. Learn more about retirement living at ACH Group.

This Social Inclusion Week, we are sharing stories from the community, while providing opportunities for engagement in various activities. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to join the conversation.

As feeling socially connected is more important than ever, explore the endless benefits of maintaining social connections.

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