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Yoghurt bowl with strawberries can make a good snack.

Snacking certainly has a place in a healthy diet, especially with high value nutritional foods.

But as ACH Group Dietitian Kaitlyn Dienelt shares, there are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to healthy snacking in between meals.

Think before you snack

Before you head for the fridge or pantry it is important to consider whether you are hungry or looking for food because of other reasons, such as your emotions.

What is the goal of your snack?

If you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, are trying to manage body weight or live an active lifestyle, then snacking is very important.

The types of snacks to incorporate depend on the nutrients you need.

For example, if you need to increase your weight look to include high energy and high protein snacks such as dairy based foods, vegetables with dip, or cheese and crackers.

Whereas when managing diabetes choose carbohydrate-based snacks that keep your blood sugar within an ideal range – think crispbreads, a piece of fruit or a small sandwich.

After finishing a workout or long walk, look for something that boosts your protein intake. Try some yoghurt and fruit, a small tin of fish on crackers or a slice of toast with peanut butter.

When snacking, consider choosing food groups that are missing from your main meals.

This could include another serve of vegetables or fruit, extra dairy, or wholegrains, nuts, and seeds.

Nourishing fluids such as milk-based drinks like Up & Go or Milo are another quick and easy option.

Portion sizes

Remember, you only need your snack to fill you up for a little while – it should not impede on finishing the next meal.

Try these ideas for your next healthy snack

  • Vegetables, such as carrots and celery, with ¼ cup of dip.
  • 3 crispbreads with cheese and pickles.
  • 100g of crispy, roasted chickpeas – season these with spices to add extra flavour.
  • Small tub of yoghurt.
  • Sliced apple with tablespoon of peanut butter.
This article was published in Good Lives Magazine – Issue 11. Our dietitians will provide guidance about how to appropriately manage diets and nutrition to suit your personal circumstances to ensure you are feeling your best. Contact us to find out more.

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