Support your health with advice and support from ACH Group’s dietitians who will work with you to develop a realistic and tailored nutritional plan.

Through an assessment and analysis, our dietitians can offer advice and achievable changes to improve your nutritional intake.

Our dietitians will ask you questions about your health, what you want to achieve and what you eat and drink. They will give you feedback and advice on your diet and current health condition and help you to set food related goals.

As you age, feelings towards your diet may change. An ACH Group dietitian will give you advice on nutritional needs to suit your personal circumstances to ensure you are feeling your best.

Our dietitians can help you to manage a wide range of things, including:

  • Give advice on strategies to reduce the need for supplements
  • Management of allergies
  • Assist with your weekly meal planning
  • And adapt your diet to manage health issues such as:
    • Diabetes
    • Cholesterol issues
    • Heart disease
    • Over or underweight

Good nutrition can help to decrease your risk of memory loss, maintain your strength and feel better as you age.

This service is currently available as a home visit but will be available soon at selected ACH Group locations.