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Christmas in July long lunch

Christmas catch-ups, summer barbeques, and holidays are all on the horizon!

Maintaining healthy habits can be difficult throughout this time of the year when the routine is swapped for social gatherings and celebrations, often accompanied by delicious catering.

Here are some tips to support you to eat well during the festive period; after all, a healthy and happy you means a more enjoyable holiday period.

Try snacking before

If you arrive at the party hungry, you’re already on the back foot as you are more likely to overindulge.

Consider eating a small meal or a healthy snack prior. A small serving of your usual dinner is a great start or consider snacks of fruit, yoghurt, or nuts.

At the party

At the party, eat the food you want to enjoy, however, keep your portions under control and make sure you listen to your gut by eating slowly to recognise when you’re full. When you’re full and satisfied – stop.

Select healthier options where you can, but don’t be too strict on yourself and consider the overall balance of your day and week.

At the party look at choices like vegetable sticks or crackers with dip or cheese, little sushi rolls, sandwiches, frittatas, or quiche. Avoid lollies, cakes, and deep-fried food if you can.

Keep hydrated

With warmer weather and a tendency for some people to have more alcoholic drinks over the summer period, it’s important to hydrate and keep hydrated.

Start the night with a couple of glasses of water and try alternating water and alcohol or soft drinks throughout the night. Alcohol is high in kilojoules and offers minimal nutrients, so keep it to a minimum and schedule alcohol-free days each week too.

Choose diet mixers or low-calorie drinks, like soda water with lemon, where you can.

Keep positive

The holiday season can be stressful, so don’t put pressure on yourself.

It is a time to enjoy good company with good food, so do the best you can with your healthy habits like maintaining exercise and balancing food choices.

Remember that keeping healthy and eating well is a long-term lifestyle.

Good Lives Magazine

This article was published in Good Lives Magazine – Issue 12.


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