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Smart Technology

What is smart technology?

Smart technology allows you to live safely and independently at home with technology that is matched to your needs.

Regardless of your current technology knowledge or digital use, our Smart Technology Occupational Therapist (OT) will assess your needs or concerns and recommend technology that will best suit you. This could be assistance to connect with family and friends online, devices to prompt and remind, automated or voice activated household appliances or technology that gives you confidence to get out and about.

Following delivery of your technology, our OT will visit you again to tailor it to you and ensure you are comfortable with its use.

What types of technology are available?


  • ipads or android tablets
  • computers and mobile phones, plus apps to help with daily life
  • TV portal – talk with family and friends via your TV
  • personal alarms and smart watches
  • robot vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, window cleaners
  • smart home lighting and other smart devices
  • smart doorbells, door locks, security cameras
  • google home and other voice activate devices to control your smart home
  • emerging technologies that support social connection
  • gaming technologies to participate in physical activity or connect with family and friends
  • adaptive devices to support using chosen technologies (e.g. stylus, straps)
  • monitoring systems which track and predict behaviour
  • devices that support people with dementia, e.g. with memory prompts and safety
  • Tile trackers that help you track and find lost keys/phone/remote etc.
  • And more – the list is growing all the time
What is the cost?

Cost of Smart Technology Occupational Therapist assessment and advice (2 visits): $400 (ex GST)*

*may be funded as part of your Home Care Package or NDIS funding, CHSP subsidy available for eligible customer.

What happens next?

Once you are using your new technology, you may be interested in our Smart Technology coaching and/or Smart Technology setup and expert IT help services to ensure you get the most out of your devices.

We may also be able to assist with the purchase of your Smart Technology.

Watch to see how Lorraine benefited from ACH Group Smart Technology service.