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Customer and nurse in a conversation

Across ACH Group, more than 300 nurses support older people to age well.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to two ACH Group staff members.

Firstly, Phoebe – who is a Registered Nurse working in the community, supporting customers in their own home.

Secondly, Ish – who began his career as a Registered Nurse in a hospital setting and in aged care, and has recently moved into the role of Residential Care Home Manager at Colton Court.

Phoebe having a chat with a resident

Meet Phoebe

What attracted you to nursing?

My parents were nurses when they met. They encouraged me to pursue the same career because it is so flexible and rewarding, and they believed I had the personality of a kind nurse.

Why did you pursue a career in in aged care?

I started working at ACH Group in January 2022 when I moved to Adelaide from Mount Gambier, where I worked in the local hospital in general nursing on the medical wards. I heard about ACH Group through a family friend and I decided to give community nursing a try. The hospital environment can be fast paced, and you don’t get time to build a therapeutic relationship with patients. In community nursing you do because you get to spend lots of time with customers.

What does a typical day at ACH Group look like for you?

I work in the south/west team, so a lot of the customers I support live along the coast (lunch with a sea view anyone?!).

There isn’t really a typical day as each day is different. Some days I will see six clients and other days I will be doing a Transitional Care Program admission which takes five hours. We do a lot of holistic nursing assessments, provide wound care, medical assessments, and medication administration. The role provides a real mixture – you don’t get bored!

How does your role make you feel?

I feel good about going to work every day knowing that I am safe and supported. I feel excellent knowing I am able to support an older person to live well simply by doing my job.

And what did customer Bob have to say about Phoebe…

“We look forward to Phoebe’s visit. She is like a breath of fresh air. She cares for our every need and helps us relax, as we know we have that help at hand. She is a shining star.”

Nurse Ish sharing story

Meet Ish

Tell us about your early years as a nurse.

In 2015 I began my career in aged care as a personal care assistant, then lifestyle assistant. After completing a Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of South Australia, I worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and other residential aged care homes as a Registered Nurse before joining ACH Group in community nursing.

Why do you enjoy working in the aged care industry?

Not only have I continued to learn and be challenged every day, my knowledge of world events and many topics has grown by listening to life experiences and stories shared by customers and residents.

You learn very quickly that everyone has a story. I have learnt about the world wars, to etiquette and farming from speaking with customers and residents. They have expanded my way of thinking.

What skills, which you learnt through your nursing career, have been invaluable in your new role as Residential Care Home Manager at Colton Court?

Firstly, time management and how to prioritise, communication skills which have been so important when meeting with families and residents, and interpersonal skills to develop trust and strong working relationships with staff.

Why are you proud to have begun your career in nursing?

Because of the opportunities that the role has presented. There are so many types of nursing fields you can specialise in. 

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