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Catherina van der Linden celebrated her 104th birthday (in 2016) in one of the places she feels most comfortable – the gym.

Catherina signed up to the ACH Group Life Exercises program at Glenelg in June last year and never misses a session. She heard about the weekly program, which covers strength, conditioning, balance and fitness from her daughter Mariella Hocking, who also attends.

ACH Group Fitness Team Leader Angus Smart says Catherina is passionate about keeping active and fit and is an inspiration to many others at the gym.

“We have created a fitness program tailored to what Catherina wants to focus on,” he says. “She always strives to push further and is not afraid to go the extra mile.”

Angus says the program provides physical, mental and social benefits to older people.

“Exercising regularly is good for health and fitness, it helps to prevent injuries and to recover from injuries faster,” he says. “But there is also the social aspect of coming to the gym, meeting people and not being isolated that older people value too.”

Mrs van der Linden migrated from the Netherlands and settled in Glenelg in the 1950s. For almost 30 years she tended a 1.2ha property with cows and sheep at Aldgate before returning to the Bay in 2004.

 The ACH Group Life Exercise Program is held in a Health Studio 50+ at Glenelg, using a range of equipment including bikes, treadmills and strength equipment.

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