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Veri Peri colour of the year

With each new year comes new colour and style trends.

For 2022, the world’s stylists have predicted two palettes that are contrasting, yet similarly inspired by our changed outlook resulting from the pandemic.

Let’s take a look at the two key colour trends for 2022.

Vibrant and optimistic

Bright and uplifting colours are on-trend as we look to add positivity to our lives.

After months of restrictions, many are experiencing an urge to be bold, expressive and try new things. As such, colours that encompass this sense of rejuvenation and optimism are all the talk this year.

Periwinkle colour of the year, veri peri tie

Pantone has revealed its colour for 2022 is Very Peri – a blue-purple hue. The shade, made by blending blue with the energy and excitement of red, is described as a “warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude”.

Sunny yellow

Sunny hues, that exude energy and vitality, are making a comeback in styling as an option to warm up homes and wardrobes.

Calm and grounded

Tones that evoke the natural world and warm neutrals that are synonymous with calmness inspire the popular calm and grounded palette of 2022.

Earthy tones homeware colour trend

Earthy tones

Many interior designers predict that greens of all undertones and shades will rapidly rise in popularity as society craves to bring the look and feel of the natural world into their homes or wardrobes.

Additionally, there has been a resurgence in natural surfaces – think terracotta, marble, stoneware and travertine being used throughout the home, from bathtubs to benchtops and decorative objects to imitate the relaxing and restorative atmosphere of the outdoors.

Warm neutrals

Warm neutrals, including ivory, greys, and browns, are versatile and provide a feeling of calm and comfort, while being timeless.

Whether you’re craving calming neutrals or are reaching for an optimistic pop of colour, use the two colour trends of 2022 to update your home and wardrobe.

Happy shopping and styling!

This article was published in the Good Lives Magazine – Autumn 2022, read it here.

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