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Andrew profile community cleaner

“It’s more than just cleaning. There’s a great social aspect to the job and I am also helping to create continuation of care for the customer and supporting them to achieve their goal of living in their own home,” Andrew Domaracki said.

After almost 20 years working in IT, then as a railcar cleaner for over 3 years, in late-2020 Andrew joined ACH Group as a community cleaner for customers in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

“My previous jobs had been very desk based. I knew I wanted a role that was a hands-on role and had more connection to people,” he said.

When asked why he chose aged care? Andrew answered, “Before COVID-19, I was overseas visiting my late-grandpa who at the time was 96 years old. I helped him with daily home chores as well as assisting in cleaning his home and felt great satisfaction from it.

“The experience with my grandfather and encouragement from my parents put me on the road to working at ACH Group.”

Andrew community cleaner and his grandpa

Andrew with his grandpa

Throughout his working day, Andrew visits customers’ homes for a range of cleaning jobs including tidying, linen changing, laundry and ironing assistance, dusting, vacuuming and floor mopping and other household tasks. Cleaners support customers to maintain their independence to remain living at home.

Andrew has also mentored community cleaners on their first shifts at ACH Group.

“It’s more than just a checklist of cleaning tasks. You’re not just there to make their home nicer. I really enjoy talking to and listening to the customers. They have so many different life experiences to share and have insightful views on issues our world is currently facing,” Andrew said.

“And of course, it’s a lovely feeling seeing the customer with a smile on their face and realising I am making a difference.”

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