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Maxine’s Story

Maxine Bawden says she has a renewed sense of purpose now that she is volunteering with ACH Group’s East Arts Group. 

Maxine’s husband passed away 18 years ago and, with no children and not many family members left in Adelaide, she found she was mostly on her own. 

“I started going on bus trips with ACH Group’s Social Links program and I used to help people around me, and someone suggested I would be a good volunteer. 

“That was two years ago. Now I volunteer with an art class and help with bus trips and on op shop trips.” 

Maxine helps set up the room at Thebarton Community Centre on Mondays, brings artists cups of tea, helps with anything they need and enjoys chatting with people. 

“I love coming out and getting to know people, and helping people makes me feel good, too.” 

Find out more about ACH Group’s Social Links program here: 


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