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Sophie Thomson

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Sophie Thomson


About Sophie

Gardening personality Sophie Thomson has been an ACH Group contributor since 2017. Well-known for her role as an ABC presenter on the TV series Gardening Australia, Sophie is a woman of many talents and most famous for her in-depth knowledge of gardening. Sophie’s passion for nature and gardening was inherited from her plant loving parents while growing up. She believes that gardening helps improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, as well as environmental benefits to the planet.

My Articles

10 vegies for small space

10 vegies to grow in smaller spaces

The past twelve months has seen an increased interest in produce gardening. Many people who have never tried before, have started to grow some of their own vegies, herbs, and fruits and that is wonderful as nothing beats the flavour, freshness and nutrient density of organically grown home produce. However, […]

Drying herbs, how to grow your own greengrocer

Grow your own greengrocer

Grow your own greengrocer Growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs is economical, the produce is fresher and it’s rewarding to feast on homegrown goods. When space is limited it is still possible to grow produce in pots or raised beds. Plus, it not only provides flexibility in smaller spaces […]

Spring soil and seedling

Top 5 gardening jobs for spring

Spring is finally here! Top five gardening jobs for spring Spring is finally here and it’s a time of year that inspires everyone to garden. Even non-gardeners and ‘black thumbs’ are ready to get out and grow. Here are the top five jobs we all need to do in our […]


Designing a courtyard garden

How to design a courtyard garden Planning when designing or renovating a courtyard garden will result in an outdoor space which you love spending time in yet is practical to look after. The best way to approach designing a courtyard garden is to think of your garden as an extension […]


Growing brilliant bulbs in pots

Growing bulbs in pots is easy, fun and rewarding. Pots of bulbs are perfect for small gardens, garden spaces that are already full, or to dress up your doorways and entrances. The key to success is to choose suitable varieties, which are sturdy and not too tall, and plant them […]

Sophie Thomson garden oasis

5 tips to create your own oasis

The Australian climate means we can garden and entertain outside virtually all year round. Sure, there is hot weather in summer and rainy weather in winter but if you have created the right space, you can enjoy most of the year outside. In summer we want somewhere shady and cool, […]

Fresh leaves coriander (also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley) plant in the pot with water drops used in vertical garden

Vertical garden tips from Sophie Thomson

Going up! Vertical gardens can save on space, add shade and screen unwanted areas. Sophie Thomson – ACH Group’s contributor shares some helpful tips on going up and over. Vertical vegiesIf you only have limited space, why not grow something productive? A passionfruit is evergreen but can get rampant, so […]

composting and how you can get started

A beginner’s guide to composting

Why composting? When we send compostable material such as kitchen scraps to landfills, it produces methane as it breaks down. One study showed the decay of a family’s food and garden waste that is not composted aerobically generates almost one tonne of greenhouse gas each year.Adding organic matter to our […]