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Tell us what you want to do this year!

January 14, 2019

ACH Group initiative The Exchange is finalising plans for 2019 and we want to hear from you. What do you want to learn this year? What new skills would you like to have by the time the year ends? What new things would you like to experience? What would … READ MORE

Maxine happy to help

December 5, 2018

Maxine Bawden is a firm believer that in helping others, you help yourself. The 69-year-old signed on as a volunteer with ACH Group two years ago and says she’s happier and healthier as a result. “I started going on bus trips [with ACH Group’s Social L … READ MORE

ACH Group partnership with Fringe to continue

December 3, 2018

ACH Group is excited to continue its partnership with the Adelaide Fringe Festival for 2019. The partnership strongly aligns with ACH Group’s values in connecting people to a creative community-driven festival, and celebrating uniqueness. ACH Group Act … READ MORE

A history of supporting the community

November 20, 2018

ACH Group Stadium has a long history as a hub of sporting and community life in the Glenelg district. Formerly Gliderol Stadium, the ground is now known as ACH Group Stadium following a naming rights agreement announced on 1 November 2018. It is home t … READ MORE

Swimming for People Living with Dementia – We want to hear about your experiences

October 12, 2018

Are you or someone in your family living with Dementia? Or do you work with people living with Dementia? ACH Group has been awarded funding from Dementia Australia to develop dementia friendly swimming experiences and environments. The project will inc … READ MORE

Teresa wins Health Care Hero award

October 4, 2018

ACH Group dementia expert Teresa Moran has been presented with a Health Care Hero award for her work in dementia services. Teresa has been instrumental in helping to launch ACH Group’s Dementia Specialist Advisory Service and Planning Ahead Advisory Se … READ MORE

Happy at home thanks to Dementia Specialist Advisory Service

September 21, 2018

Safety features around the home have made life easier for Jill, who is a full-time carer to her husband Charles, diagnosed with dementia six years ago. Jill and Charles are happy to be at home with support from ACH Group’s Dementia Specialist Advisory … READ MORE

Plan ahead for peace of mind

September 12, 2018

Planning Ahead is a vital step for individuals and families after a diagnosis of dementia or memory loss. That’s the message from ACH Group Dementia Expert Teresa Moran ahead of Planning Ahead Week (September 11 to 16). Ms Moran says it’s important to … READ MORE

Wakefield Press

September 11, 2018

ACH Group’s Good Lives Magazine is proud to announce a new partnership with iconic South Australian independent publisher, Wakefield Press. Founded in 1942, Wakefield Press undertakes all stages of the publishing process (except printing) under the one … READ MORE

It pays to be Tech Savvy

September 11, 2018

Cloud or drive? Apple or android? Phone or tablet? If these  questions leave you scratching your head, it might be time to sign up to an Exchange Tech Savvy  workshop. These workshops are all about getting people started on the internet and tips for th … READ MORE

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