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Our Specialist Staff

ACH Group has invested in staff with the knowledge, skills and experience that enables them to offer the right advice at the right time, no matter where someone is on their journey with dementia.

Meet the people who can support you and your carer to live well with dementia.


ACH Group dementia Specialist Staff member: Jodie RobertsJodie Roberts  

With over 30 years’ experience working with people living with dementia, Jodie is uniquely positioned to fulfil her current role which involves training staff, volunteers and relatives in all aspects of dementia care.

With a background in nursing augmented by further studies including a Bachelor of Dementia Care, Jodie has a specialty skillset in devising and implementing strategies to cope with behaviour change as a result of dementia. This involves identifying triggers to behaviours associated with the disease, working with all staff by coaching and mentoring within their work environment, and devising recommendations that are tailored specifically for the individual by comprehensively looking at the person’s life story and history.

Jodie chose to work with older people because she found the work so rewarding, and then discovered her real passion was working with people with dementia. Jodie enjoys the opportunity to implement innovative, person centred projects that positively affect the lives of many people living with dementia and their carers.

ACH Group dementia Specialist Staff member: Teresa MoranTeresa Moran 

Teresa is a qualified health professional with over 30 years experience providing service coordination and leading teams in the disability and aged care sectors, including 10 years with Dementia Australia’s counselling, helpline, education and community programs teams.

Since joining ACH Group in 2015 as a Dementia specialist Teresa has led the design of a range of new product and services including our  Planning Ahead Advisory Service to assist customers in putting their Advance Directive documentation into place, our Dementia Specialist Advisory Service to assist customers living with dementia and their family members to live well post diagnosis, and our Aged Care Navigator Advisory Service to assist customers in navigating the services and support they require.

She has also taken a lead role in ACH Group’s workforce learning and  development program as a subject matter expert on dementia.   Teresa is passionate about providing great outcomes for people living with dementia and their family members despite the challenges that a diagnosis of dementia can bring.

ACH Group dementia Specialist Staff member: Heather PettyHeather Petty

Heather Petty has worked part-time at ACH Group for nearly two years assisting people to prepare their Advance Care Directives and Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

For twelve months Heather co-facilitated a photography group for people living with younger onset dementia. She understands the challenges faced by people living with life changing events and their families, and knows how to respond compassionately to their needs.

Knowing the importance of preparing Advance Care Directives, Heather is very keen to work with people living with dementia in the early stages of their diagnosis to ensure their wishes are documented.

Heather draws upon over 40 years working in the health system, initially as a nurse, midwife and child health nurse before moving into primary health care and health and medical research policy.