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Group of older people in a gym, exercising with weights to improve their balance for April Falls month.

April Falls Month 2024

Better balance for fall prevention

April Falls Month® is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of falls and to promote the latest best practice fall prevention strategies.

The Better Balance for Fall Prevention campaign aims to help Australians find appropriate exercise programs to meet your needs and interests.

For optimal physical and mental health, it is recommended that all adults (regardless of age, health, or ability) do 30-60min of physical activity most days. To prevent falls and maintain independence this should include exercise or activities that improve strength and balance. Every bit of activity helps.

Get active and improve balance for fall prevention

Senso training, a health professional and customer at Christie Downs Health Studio

Free Senso Assessments 

For the month of April, ACH Group offered ACH Group customers free Senso assessments at our Health Studio 50+ Christie Downs.

The initial 90-minute assessment is led by an allied health professional and includes a comprehensive review of your health and individual goals.

Christie Downs Studio Feature Image

Improve your balance with ACH Group Exercise Groups

Balance Program – an eight-week, small group program. Suitable for people who have significant challenges with balance.

Life Exercise – an individualised exercise program based in the gym.

Strong & Steady – focuses on balance and stability by working the major muscles. 

Tai Chi – a  gentle form of exercise, shown to improve coordination, balance and wellbeing.

Did you know?

1 in 4 people who are aged 65 and over have at least 1 fall per year.

People often dismiss falls as ‘part of getting older’ or ‘just not concentrating’ but they are often a warning sign that something is not right.

Even when falls don’t cause an injury, they often trigger a loss of confidence. Over time, this can lead to a person becoming more inactive, which further increases the risk of falling.

Learn more about why falls are concerning especially for older people.

What is ‘a fall’?

World Health Organisation defines a fall as  ‘An event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground, or floor, or other lower level’.

The definition is important, as people don’t have to fall to the ground, to have a fall, sometimes it can be falling back into a chair or sliding off a chair.

By being clear on what a fall is, we can report all falls and try to prevent serious injuries from falls.

Fall prevention: 4 helpful tips

  1. Stay active to prevent falls
  2. Wear properly fitted and supportive footwear
  3. Fall-proof your home
  4. Get your eyes checked regularly

Learn more about fall prevention and what to do in the event of a fall.

Fall prevention takes some planning but it’s worthwhile to keep you safe and avoid the risk of falls.

ACH Group offers a wide range of allied health services including podiatry, exercise physiology, occupational therapy and group exercises to help support you live well as you age.

We specialise in health and wellbeing for ageing bodies and our qualified health specialists will work with you on a personalised plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Contact us on 1300 22 44 77 and speak to our friendly team and find out how we can help.

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