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Going on a bus trip is one of the things that make Milpara residents happy. Here's a photo of them in a park, waving and having their photo taken for the 'Happiness Project'.

Happiness means something different to each of us

International Happiness Day is celebrated on 20 March, and  and we were excited to kick off the happiness party by launching the ‘Happiness Project’.

What is it, you ask? It is a series of short videos recorded by the Social Team at Milpara Residential Care Home.

Residents, families, and staff were invited to contemplate the idea of ‘happiness is…’, and the result is both heartwarming and encouraging.

Taylor Digance, Milpara’s Community Connector Lead, shared, “We thought this was a great opportunity to learn more about the people who make Milpara the home it is, and to ask them about the little and big things that bring happiness to residents, families, and staff.”

We hope these videos will make you smile, and maybe even make you happy too!

Milpara residents were asked: “What happiness is to you?”

“Happiness to me is when I’m painting.” – Bessie

“Happiness is coming here and seeing my dad Tino happy; and sharing a coffee, biscuits, a bit of cake, and having a little chat with him – that’s happiness.” – Jo

“When everybody is happy, even the staff, the residents, when they compliment us, when they say that they are thankful for what we do – that makes me happy.” – Christina

Watch the video below or visit our YouTube channel.

The science of happiness

The Black Dog Institute states that the term happiness captures a huge variety of positive emotional responses, including such things as cheerfulness, serenity, optimism,
and joy.

Download: The science of Happiness fact sheet [pdf]

What makes a Good Life?

We teamed with researchers from the University of South Australia as well as ACH Group customers, volunteers, staff  and the broader community to find out what older people value most – what contributes to them living a ‘Good Life’.

Read about the six elements of a Good Life.

Being yourself never gets old

Happiness is… celebrating the life experiences and interests of older people because ‘being yourself never gets old’!


Visit our blog to find out more about lifestyle and social connection.

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