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International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day 2024 

This International Nurses Day, ACH Group wants to thank its more than 300 nurses who provide compassionate care to older South Australians.

Among those nurses are Monika Taneja and Jenny Joseph who are both senior nurses at ACH Group’s Kapara Residential Aged Care Home.

For Monika, being a good nurse boils down to three key pillars – care, compassion and empathy.

Reflecting on her career this International Nurses Day, Monika said being an aged-care nurse was challenging but hugely rewarding work.

“Aged care nursing is different to acute nursing because you aren’t just there as a carer you are there as an advocate,” she said.

“You aren’t just providing medical care; you are providing holistic care over an extended period to a resident and also their families.

“We are given such a privilege and responsibility to play a part in caring for our residents during their time with us.”

Monika got her start in residential aged care working as a carer with ACH Group while studying to get her nursing qualifications.

Jenny has been a nurse at Kapara for a little over a year and has come to love her time working with the residents.

“When you work with a resident or their family to make their time with us a little better and more enjoyable – that is the best part,” she said.

“I’ve worked in hospitals and acute care settings but the human touch you get in aged care is my favourite part of the job.”

Jenny works at ACH Group

More than 15 per cent of ACH Group’s 1900 strong workforce are enrolled or registered nurses.

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