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Harmony week banner, featuring signature orange colour.

Harmony Week 2024

This week is Harmony Week. Harmony Week (18th to 24th March) is a celebration that recognises the diversity across our country and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds.

It’s about inclusiveness and respect for all Australians, and celebrating that no matter where you are from, everyone belongs.

This year’s theme, “Everyone Belongs”, reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace where every individual is respected, valued and heard — regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs.

Here at ACH Group, we have so many reasons to celebrate!
  • 60% of our workforce were born outside of Australia.
    Our people hail from 74 countries of origin.
  • Celebrating Uniqueness is something we live out daily – it’s one of our Service Behaviours and part of our DNA.
  • Our workforce is a mosaic of talents, perspectives and experiences.
As we celebrate Harmony Week 2024, let’s take a moment to recognise the individuals who make up our diverse community and the richness they bring to our organisation.

We ask some members of our ACH Group workforce to share a little more about themselves and their cultural background. Meet some of our team.

Harmony Week ACH Group staff profiles

Suman Shrestha – Care Worker

Suman was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to Australia on the 1st of July, 2022.

Suman loves many things about Australia, particularly its mix of cultures. Suman has a passion for learning about other cultures and in Nepal, graduated from Tianjin University with a Bachelors in Chinese Language and Culture.

For Suman, home is where your family is, which is why he mostly misses his family and the food. He belongs to the Newar community who have many different varieties of food, however, Suman tells us that it’s Choila (a spicy buffalo meat dish) and Bara, that he misses most.

Beverly McMillan – Care Manager

Beverly was born in Manila in the Philippines and has lived in Australia for 12 years.

Bev told us she likes how welcoming the people of Australia are, but she misses all the Filippino food. Her favourite thing to eat is dried fish.

Paul Ray-Johnson – Project Manager

Paul was born in Winchester in England.

Paul has been in Australia for 17 years and coincidentally became an Australian Citizen on Harmony Day in 2009.

We asked Paul what he likes about Australia. He said he could be cliché and say, “The weather, but it’s the people and the lifestyle; and of course, the weather”.

When thinking of home, Paul misses the English country pubs and beer gardens. His favourite food is a hardcore UK-style Indian curry.

Raju Sigdel – Catering Assistant

Raju was born in Nepal and has been in Australia for 15 years.

He loves the multiculturalism, the equal opportunities in Australia and the good weather – just to name a few!

Regarding his favourite food, Raju says he likes most things, however, especially enjoys eating rice and pickled dry radish (known as sinki).

Sachin Sharma – Care Worker

Sachin was named after the famous cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar and was born in Amritsar, India.

He moved to Australia one and a half years ago, enrolling in university and joining ACH Group at West Park in July 2023.

Sachin likes the Australian nature, the people and the sporting grounds, like the MCG.

He misses being with his family and his favourite food is Desi food.

Anita Mattison – Change Manager

Anita Mattison was born in Iserlohn, Germany, but is British.

She has been in Australia for four years and enjoys the lifestyle, culture, beaches, weather and people. Anita said, “what’s not to like!”

Anita misses the London Pride and warm beer. Her favourite food is Marmite but she just can’t get used to the Aussie favourite, Vegemite.

Harry Singh – Enrolled Nurse

Harry (Harpreet) was born in Sri Ganganagar, India and moved to Australia four years ago. Harry likes the culture, environment and the job opportunities that Australia provides.

Harry misses his home, his Mum and Dad, and other family members still in India. His favourite food is Punjabi.

Teresa McAuliffe – Care Worker

Teresa McAuliffe started with ACH Group in September 2015, and was born in Manilla, Philippines.

Teresa has lived in Australia for 12 years and likes everything about Australia; the fauna, flora, towns, people, and scenery.

She misses her family in the Philippines the most and her favourite food is Adobo.

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