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Valentine's Day Story

Do you believe in fate when it comes to love? We want to share a beautiful story of a couple who live at ACH Group’s Perry Park residential care home – Mr and Mrs Briggs. Mr and Mrs Briggs’ story is a love story unlike no other as they both believed in destiny. There was no planning, no arrangement and it was meant to be.

Mr and Mrs Briggs first met at the City Dance Hall 70 years ago, when they were out and about with some friends. Mr Briggs – John was hanging with some friends when he noticed Mrs Briggs – ‘Wink’ and thought he’d ask her to dance. They spent the night dancing to their favourite songs and had the greatest time of their lives. At the end of the night, John walked Wink to the taxi rank to say goodbye and they parted. He didn’t know when he would see her again.

A week went by, John was working at the bank doing some interior decorating work and suddenly noticed Wink across the road in a salon. Little did he know Wink was working as a hairdresser in that salon at the time which was in Lincoln, England. What a lovely coincidence! Every day after that, John would wait for Wink to finish work so they can hang out and the rest, as they say is history.

A year later, John popped the question and they got married in 1951. They had a daughter and 15 years later, a son. In 1967, Mr and Mrs Briggs – John and Wink moved to Australia.

Mr and Mrs Briggs today

When asked about the secret of a long happy marriage, Wink shared “Always learn to respect each other and allow each other space to do their own thing. Always accept the other person as they are.”

The pair, now living at ACH Group’s Perry Park residential care home still look at each other the way they looked at each other 70 years ago. “I still feel the same way about Wink today as I did the night I asked her to dance! It was meant to be!” John shared.

The pair is looking forward to share Valentine’s Day together and their 70th wedding anniversary later this year. “Every day is Valentine’s Day to me as long as I’m with Wink!” Mr Briggs added.

Proud to show off their wedding photo they took almost 70 years ago (picture below), their smiles stay the same as their love goes on.

Mr and Mrs Briggs wedding photo

ACH Group’s residential care homes are great for couples who are wanting to stay together. Our eight residential care homes offer a wide variety of programs focussing on healthy ageing such as Tai Chi, art group, personal training, men’s shed and social activities to help you stay connected.

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