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mid career transition with ACH Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many South Australians forced to make a mid-career change, however for some it has become an opportunity to find a new, enriching career path.

This was certainly the case for former Travel/Tourism Business Development Manager Nichole Reilly, who was made redundant after almost 10 years in the industry. Although job stability was a determining factor, the 32-year-old wanted a career that brought comparable reward and enjoyment to her day-to-day life.

“With travel, my favourite thing was the passion to change people’s lives or give them an experience they may not have had if they just went about their everyday lives,” she said.

Taking the role as ACH Group’s Social Links Event Planner about four months ago, Mrs Reilly encouraged those considering a mid-career change to look to the aged care sector.

“I think you need to be happy with your work, if you’re not being challenged or your role isn’t rewarding, what are you doing?” she said.

Nichole’s role involves designing and planning new social experiences for older people to connect with old interests or discover new ones such as art classes, choir, day trips and getaways.

“You just have to speak to one customer to feel the impact of what we do, especially in the Social Links program. In my first week I went out to some of our events and I was brought to tears a few times, customers were saying they wouldn’t be here without the groups or social interactions ACH Group has provided and that was really powerful to hear.”

While the sector often attracts care workers, there’s ample opportunities for the likes of customer service, cleaning, allied health, marketing, IT, maintenance, and finance roles.

“Working in aged care offers a rewarding career with diverse pathways and learning opportunities,” ACH Group’s CEO Frank Weits said. “No matter what role you do, aged care offers immense satisfaction in making a difference and supporting people to live well as they age.”

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