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Author: Ila McKay

This is a warning to everyone. I don’t wish to unnerve you but there is an issue I would like to draw to your attention. A serious issue you may or may not know about, but it definitely exists in everyone’s home. I was not aware of it myself until the incident which I am about to relay to you happened to me. I can tell you here and now that it was scary when I realised exactly what it was and how it happened. And it was not the only one I had to endure.

I awoke that morning little realising what was in store for me. I showered as normal then had my breakfast. I was going out that day. I had bills to pay and some shopping to do. Previously I had laid out my clothes on the bed, but there was one item of clothing I found to be missing and I just could not find it. I knew I had seen it earlier that morning. The said item or items were a pair of fawn socks that I had chosen to wear to match my beige coloured slacks and shoes.

I hunted high and low, going through every room, every drawer and cupboard. Even those that would in no way house such items. But to no avail. Where were those socks? It was a complete mystery to me. They could not have just disappeared. Or could they? I did find out later just what had happened.

Frustrated I finally gave up on my search. “Oh Well, looks like I will have to find another pair of socks to wear.” I had several more pairs of fawn socks so I extracted another pair from the sock drawer. I dressed into the clothes I had previously decided on, then sat on the bedroom stool in preparation to put the substitute pair of socks on my feet. I pulled up the leg of my trousers and I could not believe my eyes. For lo and behold the missing socks were already there on my feet.

I was flabbergasted. “What, how did they get there? I don’t remember putting them on!” And this is now the warning I wish to relay to you all. Because in every home, hiding from you, the resident, who are not even aware that they are playing host, is a dangerous and cunning adversary. What is this danger you may ask…

GREMLINS. Yes, GREMLINS. You may scoff, but they do exist. Those pesky, mischievous little mosters who take delight in taunting humans.

I know. For without my knowledge, they had somehow managed to place those socks on my feet. I was amazed at the cunning these little monsters possessed. So quick and sneaky. Was it while I sat at the table having breakfast with my unclad feet out of sight under the table? Who knows!

Now I ask you, do you ever think you have forgotten where you left an item? Can’t find it anywhere? Well don’t despair. It’s not you. They love to see you running around from place to place trying in vain to find the lost item. And then suddenly, the said item will appear out of nowhere even though you know you have looked for it in that same place. While all the time those little monsters have had a good laugh at your wasted time fraught with frustration.

I have given up pandering to their whims now because I know eventually the lost item will turn up and hopefully they, the naughty, scheming little Gremlins, will leave me alone and move on to torment another unwary human. Who will be next? Is it you? So take heed and good luck!

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