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Brodie Hudd

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Brodie Hudd


About Brodie

Brodie Hudd is ACH Group’s physiotherapist and works in both community and residential care. Brodie understands the importance of healthy ageing and how leading an active lifestyle can help people live well as they age. Besides working as a physio, he runs balance classes two days a week at ACH Group’s Health Studio 50+ at Christie Downs. Brodie enjoys supporting customers to remain active and engaged with movement as they age.

My Articles

5 ways to get back into your fitness routine after a break

5 fitness motivation tips to get back into your routine after a break

Getting back into a fitness routine The holiday season is a time for celebration and relaxation but it can also throw our fitness goals out of whack. For many of us, it can be challenging trying to get back into a fitness regime after a long break. For others, it […]