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Kapara residents Ride for Wishes to make dreams a reality

The odometers on the bike, treadmill, and cross trainer at ACH Group’s Kapara Residential Care Home are ticking over as residents take part in making wishes a reality for sick children.

For the second year, 16 residents will ride and walk throughout February to raise funds for Make-A-Wish’s virtual fundraiser ‘Ride for Wishes’.

ACH Group Acting CEO Linda Feldt said, “Ride for Wishes not only encourages residents to stay active but is also an opportunity for the Kapara community to give back.”

“The fundraiser is an initiative that sees the Kapara community come together. Residents, families, and staff are very supportive of participating residents, encouraging them to reach their distance goals and donating to the fundraiser,” she said.

“It is a cause close to the hearts of residents as many are grandparents and even great-grandparents. They realise how memorable moments will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of sick children and their families.”

Yvonne Stewart, 92, said fundraising is very necessary and it’s a worthwhile cause to be involved in.

Mrs Stewart will ride 10 kilometres.

“I have always enjoyed staying active. In school I joined most of the sports teams and played football with my brothers; now I walk and go to the gym as often as I can.”

Fred Dodd, 90, will ride and walk 20 kilometres.

“I feel I am capable of keeping active. I have the belief, ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’, so I am in the gym every week on the cross trainer,” he said.

Asked if he is daunted by the 20-kilometre target, Fred said, “It is good to have a goal to achieve and work towards it.”

The team at Kapara has a fundraising goal of $2,000, which is double last year’s figure.

Donate to the team and support Make-A-Wish.

Kapara Residential Care Home is located in Glenelg, South Australia.

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