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Guide to best practise dementia care

ACH Group has bolstered the tools and training available to frontline workers who work with residents living with dementia through the Engagement Matters Implementation Guide.

The guide will assist the workforce in developing the skills needed to deliver best-practise dementia care.

ACH Group Executive Manager Brand and Customer Engagement Ivy Diegmann said the toolkit provides a practical on the ground training tools for the workforce that fit in around their busy jobs.

“This guide will be a useful resource as we look at embedding sustainable training for frontline workers to help them engage well with residents living with dementia,” she said.

“Through new resources and micro-learning training modules which have been tailored for on the floor learning, I am confident we will be able to support our workforce with the tools they need to continue supporting residents live a good life.”

The guide was developed in partnership with Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia, Department of Health and Aged Care, Flinders University and Dementia Training Australia.

The guide can be found on the Engagement Matters Implementation Guide page.

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