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Aged Care Employee Day 2023

Aged Care Employee Day is celebrated on August 7 each year and is a day to recognise the contributions of those who work in the sector.

ACH Group CEO Frank Weits said the day is important for both the sector and wider community.

“Aged Care Employee Day celebrates the hundreds of thousands of Australians involved in supporting older people who receive aged care services and recognises the incredible work they do.

“I thank all the staff at ACH Group for their care and passion in supporting older people to live good lives.”

ACH Group celebrated Aged Care Employee Day delivering gifts to each of its 1900 employees.

Included in the 1900 staff is Nem Davies who has worked at ACH Group’s West Park Residential Care Home in Goolwa since 2014.

Photo of Nem Davies, who is a registered nurse at West Park, Goolwa.
Nem Davies reflects on her career journey

Nem started her career as a carer and with a desire for personal and educational development studied to become a Registered Nurse.

“Before moving into aged care, I was a journalist. When you work as a journalist, you’re constantly thinking about what stories to write and how to write them, whilst also learning new information. It’s always appealed to me and has been important to keep learning,” Nem said.

“At the age of 48, I began my Registered Nursing study. I knew I wanted to stay in health and it was a progression from the carer role. It’s something I am very proud of achieving as I continued to work while studying.”

Through the study, Nem participated in placements in different healthcare settings.

“I have a sense of belonging in aged care. In a residential care home, you learn more about the residents, their routines, and their families; there’s a greater connection.”

Nem said the role of a Registered Nurse in a care home holds a lot of responsibility.

“You need clinical, leadership, and personal skills. I love the challenge and how rewarding the job is. It is wonderful to see residents who regain their health and wellbeing, and to celebrate special moments with them like receiving a letter from the Royal Family for 100th birthdays.”

Mr Weits said a career in aged care is rewarding and also offered a host of opportunities.

“At ACH Group we believe in personal and professional growth for staff and stories like Nem’s highlight the breadth of career pathways available,” he said.

If you’re interested in a career in aged care, ACH Group is currently hiring for several roles across the Fleurieu Peninsula and metropolitan Adelaide.

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