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They have shared a home, dreams, children and grandchildren, and now Henry and Joyce James share a passion for exercise.

Henry, 81, and Joyce, 80, have been married for 57 years and are regulars at ACH Group’s Life Exercises program.

Henry says he drove Joyce to her first session two years ago and decided to stay and watch. It wasn’t long before he decided to join in.

“It is not the same as exercising at home because you have a professional supporting you which prevent you from injuring yourself,” he says. “It is also much better because it is an outing, you meet people, socialise.”

Joyce says she is committing to attending the gym whether she is having a good or a bad day.

“Exercise makes me feel wonderful. When I started coming to this gym, I was limping, and now I feel great.”

The couple’s exercise routine includes time on the treadmill, weights, multi-station machine, balance exercises and a few minutes at the bike.

“I exercise my muscles and my jaws – by chatting to people and telling jokes,” Henry says.

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