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Madeline and Gillian joined a choir for medical reasons but they agree that singing has given them much more than good health.

They are members of ACH Group’s Sing for Joy choirs and performed some of their favourite music at the Everybody Sing! Concert at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Madeline joined the choir after being told it could help with her health.

“I have problems with my breathing and singing helps,” she says. “Anyone who has lung problems like me should join a choir. I love music and I love learning things, so joining the Sing for Joy choir made perfect sense for me. I am not a good singer but I make all the background noises.”

Gillian’s health also made her think of joining a choir, but in doing so she has also reconnected with a lifelong passion.

“I did a lot of singing when I was younger but had to stop due to a degenerative spine, which has prevented me from doing many things in my life,” she says. “When I had a chance to do something I absolutely love, I wasted no time in joining in.

“I am mixing with other people and having fun,” she says. “We get so much out of it and it is the most enjoyable thing I do all week. It is good for the body, mind and soul.”

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