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Sing for Joy Choir flash mob

The atmosphere was electric when ACH Group’s Sing for Joy Choir took over the terminal at the Adelaide Airport for a ‘Flash Mob’ event to shine a light on the wisdom that older people possess and break down stereotypes around ageing.

Renowned South Australian surrealist artist Andrew Baines worked closely with The ACH Group Foundation to bring the Wisdom at the Airport project to life.

Prominent South Australians including former Premier Lynn Arnold, Lieutenant Governor and ACH Group Board Member Professor Brenda Wilson, Phil Hoffman Travel’s Phil Hoffman and former Department of Transport head Rod Hook signed up to be transformed into silver statues. Joined by entertainers Wayne Anthoney and Meredith Bowman, they turned heads as they made their way through security.

Then, as they moved into position, 80 members of the Sing for Joy choirs emerged from the crowds and burst into song and dance.

The video of this event has gone ‘viral’ on Facebook, attracting more than 700 likes and 200 shares, with a reach 57,187 people – and counting.

Artist Andrew Baines, who designed and directed the event, says the event generated surprise and joy among airport commuters.

“I wanted to come up with a media-friendly way of highlighting the fact that older people in the community have a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge that deserves to be put back into society and that is being wasted,” he says. “We clearly showed that older people are willing to get out there and have a go, that this is something that deserves our attention.”

The event generated a “bubble of excitement” that sent waves of interest through the airport and, later, social media.

“People didn’t know what was happening at first, but they knew that it was something good. I had a Mum asking if her children could dance along – it had a nice intergenerational element too.”

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