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retirement living benefits

Is your family home feeling too large for your needs? Or maybe you want to free up some cash to enjoy your retirement?

Downsizing and moving into a retirement living community can be a big, but exciting decision to make.

Whilst it can be an emotional time leaving your family home, there are many benefits of moving into retirement living which can positively affect your health and wellbeing.

Retirement living can offer a low maintenance lifestyle with a nice balance of private and social spaces.

It also offers a sense of community and connection that you may not have experienced before.

We’ve put together 5 benefits of retirement living you may not know so you can consider your options before making the move.

Downsize your home to upsize your life

downsize your home to upsize your life is the biggest benefit of retirement living

Did you know that one of the many benefits of downsizing to a retirement living home is you can ‘upsize’ your life?

For some, the idea of leaving the family home and moving may bring a sense of loss.

Downsizing can be a new beginning which can bring you great freedom. With a more manageable lifestyle and a maintenance-free home, you will have less responsibility and financial worry.

This will free you up to do more things you love like spending time with family, travelling, learning a new skill or getting out and about more!

Home maintenance all taken care of

Here’s another of the many benefits of moving into a retirement living home: no more home maintenance or gardening chores.

Taking care of the house and garden may start to feel overwhelming as you age – and paying someone to do it for you can be costly and a hassle to coordinate.

Many don’t want to burden family with maintenance issues. Moving to a retirement living home eliminates this concern and helps you live a worry-free life.

With all house and your front garden maintenance taken care of, you can spend more time doing things you love or with the people you care about.

A sense of community and support

retirement living brings you a sense of support and community

Thinking of moving into a retirement living home but worried about being lonely?

Fear not – living in a retirement living community offers more opportunities for social connection.

You will be living in a close-knit neighbourhood which means it is easier for you to stay connected, get to know like-minded neighbours and be part of the community.

ACH Group retirement living communities are designed to offer the best of shared and private spaces and many have community centres with an array of regular events, so you can choose to have as much or as little interaction with others as you like. 

Spend more time doing what you love

Another benefit of moving into a retirement living home is that you can spend more time doing what you love. With all the home and front garden maintenance taken care of, you can live a worry-free life and let us take care of the rest so you can spend more time with your friends and family, learn something new or explore different places.

ACH Group retirement living homes are situated in desirable and convenient locations with public transport, shops and community facilities nearby. Small pets are welcome in most locations also.

Living well as you age

retirement living brings you peace of mind as all maintenance are taken care of

Residents of ACH Group’s retirement living communities have peace of mind that if their needs change, access to health and home support is available.

Along with a more manageable lifestyle, a move into retirement living gives you the reassurance that health and home support services are close at hand if and when you need.

Choose the option which is right for you, whether that’s in-home assistance with cleaning, gardening and shopping or health services.

Maybe you would like to join one of the many social experiences available.

ACH Group can help tailor a package which is right for you and will help you stay independent in your own home.

Considering downsizing?

Many residents tell us that they wish they had moved sooner! Check out ACH Group range of retirement living options in desirable locations across Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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