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Mother's day photo

Celebrating Mother’s Day

The mother and son bond between Gina and Yianni Anderson has only grown stronger since the pair joined forces working at ACH Group 18 months ago.

Yianni said working with his Mum had made him appreciate her even more and was looking forward to spoiling her on Mother’s Day.

“I’ve always been really close to my Mum, but it’s been great to actually see how she operates as a professional,” he said.

“She’s been a great mentor for me and has taught me a lot about how the corporate world operates.”

Gina has been ACH Group’s Property and Leasing Manager for almost seven years and is responsible for making sure staff and residents have access to great facilities.

Yianni started with ACH Group as an IT officer 18 months ago, supporting the organisation with the tools they need to do their job well.

Gina said while their jobs were very different, they were linked in that both were essential in providing the supporting functions necessary for ACH Group frontline staff to deliver caring, compassionate and timely care for older South Australians.

Gina with her son Yianni
Gina and Yianni Anderson, reflecting on Mother's Day celebration.

“We both work in jobs that support our staff to deliver the best care they can to older South Australians, and it is really important and rewarding work,” she said.

“When you are in those supporting roles there is a real art to how you are a good corporate citizen and I hope some of how I operate has been valuable for Yianni to see.

“Such an important part of being a Mum is being a good role model for your children so you can give them every chance to thrive.

“The fact that I get to be that role model for Yianni not just at home but also at work has been a real blessing.”

Yianni, his brother Jacob and Dad Damien will be taking Gina for lunch in the Adelaide Hill’s to celebrate Mother’s Day.

To all the Mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

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