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Author: Akhter Jahan Rahman

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday – I posted ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on Facebook; emailed close family members by email (made easy by Yahoo sending me a card to send); called and sms’d different friends and stopped by on the way back from my walk to wish “Happy Mother’s Day” to neighbours, and hear their stories of their mothers and daughters.

Most people responded with similar greetings, stories of their mothers, of their husbands doing something special for them; of little children making gifts and cards for mum in school, bringing them home and keeping them secret; siblings hatching special theatre/music shows for mums; adult children taking mum out to lunch or dinner, and people posting special memories/photos of their mums, as well as of their aunts, nieces, cousins who are all mothers, and so on.

I invited myself to catch up with a distant but close young family: I got picked up to go out together to have dinner. The children made me a card with lots of adjectives going with “My Aunty”: eg., “Magnificent” for M; “You’re great” for “Y”; and so on. The relationship such activities foster between generations can not be dismissed.

Every day is mother’s day, just like everyday is everybody’s day, but it is about being reminded to prioritize one of all the special people to just say “Hi. I am thinking of you” and, “Hope you have a nice day”, or do something for her/him. Be grateful when friends call you to acknowledge that you are a Mother, and say, “Hope you have a nice day today”, and just  spend some time chatting. Everyday is everybody’s day, but everybody has to pursue activities to live their own lives and those of their immediate families. Nobody can be expected to call all their special people every day! So, if a day is nominated to remind us to stop in our pursuit of our own lives, to remember one of the special people, what is the harm? Life is half empty, but look at the lower half of the glass, and fill the top up when you can, and use it and fill it again.

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