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Students put cherry on top of ACH Group menus

The finishing touches on a visual overhaul of ACH Group’s residential aged care menus have been applied by graphic design students.

Students from the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Design (Graphic and Communication Design) course have been working with ACH Group since the beginning year on elevating the menus.

The menus have been graphically treated to include a photo of the meal as well as easy to understand icons highlighting the main ingredients in meals.
On 16 May, the students visited ACH Group’s central kitchen to get some ‘hero’ shots of the kitchen in action for the covers of the new menus.

ACH Group central kitchen operations manager Amy White said the redesigned menus would make a significant difference to residents.

“These new menus mean that residents can see visually what is in their meal and what their meal will actually look like,” she said.

Amy said it had been chalk and cheese having budding communication design students create a menu using professional expertise, rather than her.

“I can do anything with a knife but not a computer,” she laughed.

Four students, Josh Gregory, Kim Verhulst, Eleanor Makins and Charlotte Brookes, from the UniSA have been working on the project that will form part of their course work.

Josh said the project had been incredibly rewarding and hoped the updated menu made a difference to residents.

“The great thing about this project is that it has given us real world experience,” he said.

“We’ve been able to get a brief from a client and deliver on that brief which will help us immensely as we look at moving into the workforce.”
Amy said the students had met the brief perfectly and looked forward to seeing the final product delivered.

ACH Group student placement program manager Sian Aston said this was just one example of the organization offering career pathways to students in South Australia.

Sian said ACH Group has a robust student placement program that gives students “real world” experience in aged care while continuing their studies.

“We have about 800 students come through our placement program every year,” she said.

“ACH Group employs people across 200 distinct role from graphic design, to nurses and carers to personal trainers and administrators.”

ACH Group’s central kitchen is manned by 30 staff delivering more than 1600 meals to aged care residents every day.

Interested to learn more ?

Students and training providers can register their interest via our Student Placement Program page or by emailing [email protected].

Photo ID: SA Uni students Josh Gregory and Kim Verhulst visited ACH Group central kitchen operations manager Amy White to apply the finishing touches to new aged care home menus.

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