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SA first fitness technology trains brain and body

State-of-the-art fitness technology that reduces the risk of falls is a key feature of ACH Group’s new Health Studio 50+ at Christie Downs.

The HUR Senso – the only one of its kind in South Australia – uses a computer screen and pressure plate sensors to create interactive training sessions that challenge the brain and body.

ACH Group Head of Health Kate Dobie said training on the Senso is delivered via games that work different parts of the brain at the same time as getting the user to move their feet and react to images on the screen.

“The Senso trains the ability to do two things at once. This increases balance, reaction and processing speeds, reducing the risk of falling during everyday activities,” she said.

Ms Dobie said people worried about falls, who know their balance isn’t as good as it could be, or who live with neurological conditions can benefit most from training on the Senso.

Lesley Collett, who lives with MS, has trained on the HUR Senso, and said it was challenging, visually appealing and interactive.

“I see the benefits training on the Senso would have for your balance and memory as you’re using your body and feet, and you also have to concentrate on the games and activities on the screen at the same time,” Ms Collett said.

Ms Collett has an exercise program that focusses on balance and increasing her strength. She said while weight machines are focussed on building strength, the Senso provides a holistic approach as training on the machine combines “strength, flexibility and working out your mind”.

Home Care Package and Commonwealth Home Support Program recipients are eligible to use their funding to access the Senso – while customer-funded options are also available.

Following an assessment to understand goals and measure baseline data, a personalised program is created. Each training session consists of a one-on-one session with an ACH Group Allied Health professional. Two or three 30-minute sessions a week are recommended.

The Health Studio 50+ at Christie Downs is one of ACH Group’s three health and wellness hubs in Adelaide.
Research by the aged care provider found having good health is a key element older people see in living a good life.

“Technology is pushing the boundaries of how older people can exercise to improve strength and mobility. ACH Group is excited to make state-of-the-art gym equipment available in Adelaide’s south and support people to stay active or regain their health,” ACH Group CEO Frank Weits said.

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